Thanks to everyone for the great support. For Gipsy Mafia 2014 was the year with many beautiful and unfortunately a couple of sad memories. We met so many good people, and unfortunately, a very good man / frend/ brother went to Jail without whom this would all have been possible. In 2015 awaits a new album with very good Musicians on it and is a great honor for us what will these people to sing on this album. Gipsy Mafia was, is, and always will be a Antifascist Hip Hop Duo. This was our 2014.


03.01. Hamburg
04.01. Berlin
05.01. Potsdam
06.01. Leipzig
07.01. Schwäbisch Gmünd
08.01. München
09.01. Stuttgart
10.01. Rijeka
11.01. Zagreb
08.02. Temisvar
17.05. Novi Sad
28.05. Zrenjanin – Promo Ljubav i Bes
07.06. Beograd Inex
13.06. Zrenjanin Ljubav i Bes Festival
16.06. Schwaebisch Gmuend Stadtfest
13.07. Beograd Splav Siux
18.07. Pula Seasplash
22.08. Pancevo Famnaz Festival
06.09. Novi Sad Festival Ulicnih Sviraca
19.09. Novi Sad Quarter
01.10. Bremen
02.10. Flensburg
03.10. Hamburg
04.10. Potsdam
25.10. Temerin
27.10 Beograd
19.12. Craiova
20.12. Bucuresti
21.12. Temisvar

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