Racist crowd sets fire to a Roma squatter camp after a false accusation of rape

Turin, December 11th, 2011. We live in the age of digital technology and global communications, but we have not moved on from the medieval “witch hunt” mentality.

A 16-year-old girl reported to the police in Turin that she had been raped on Wednesday evening. The young woman told the authorities that she was approached by two Roma men who forced her into a doorway near the Vallette district. The girl told them that one of the two Roma men raped her. In the wake of this outrage, dozens of people in Turin organized a candlelight vigil in support of the girl, an event that quickly turned into a racist demonstration.

The demonstrators’ anger soon turned into ethnic hatred and they decided to take action. The racist crowd made its way to the Roma camp situated near Cascina Continassa, where they broke in with iron bars and set fire to the huts, cars and caravans. The demonstrators then deliberately hindered the fire fighters’ attempts to extinguish the flames. Last night, however, the young woman admitted she had been lying and she had not been raped at all. The authorities have not identified or brought charges against the racists who destroyed the Roma settlement.

‘Let them burn!’ Vigilante lynch mob of 500 torch gypsy camp with petrol bombs after teen’s fake claim she had been raped

A furious mob torched a gypsy camp – razing it to the ground – after an Italian teenager falsely claimed she had been raped by one of the men living there.

They unleashed their fury after the 16-year-old virgin told her brother she had been sexually assaulted by two gypsies when he found her crying.

An angry 500-strong mob armed with baseball bats, bars and petrol bombs – led by members of the girl’s family – immediately raced to the camp after word spread of the rape.

They set fire to caravans and makeshift shelters at the site, which houses 150 Roma .

Within minutes a huge blaze had taken hold of the Turin camp, close to the city’s football stadium, and firefighters put out flames, which also threatened nearby woods and other buildings.

Television footage showed terrified Roma fleeing in tears as the mob ran riot, with extra police reinforcements in riot gear called to deal with the situation as the crowd chanted: ‘Let them burn’.

The girl, who was named only as Eleonora, had told police and her family that she had been raped.

Doctors at a local hospital confirmed sex had taken place but suspicions grew as she became confused over details of the attack.

Eventually she tearfully told police she had made the story up after losing her virginity to her Italian boyfriend and was worried about her family finding out what had happened.

Word spread: The family of the girl passed around this note following her claim that she had been raped

Word spread: The family of the girl passed around this note following her claim that she had been raped

Those in the camp were given a police escort to safety and calm was only eventually restored after the girl’s brother arrived and told locals his sister had invented the whole sex attack and not a word was true.

Police said that despite the level of violence no-one was hurt in the raid and that two local Italian men, aged 60 and 20, were detained accused of aggravated damage.


‘It is completely unacceptable that we have these lynch mob protests against people who had nothing at all do with this and who were targeted simply for being foreign.’

– Mayor Piero Fassino

Officers said they were also looking at links between the camp attack and supporters of the local Juventus football team.

A spokesman added that a charge of falsely reporting a crime was also being considered against Eleonora by the city of Turin’s juvenile court prosecutor.

Mayor Piero Fassino said: ‘It is completely unacceptable that we have these lynch mob protests against people who had nothing at all do with this and who were targeted simply for being foreign.

‘It is our duty as citizens to turn people away from this sort of violent intolerance in our city.’

It is not the first time that vigilante groups have targeted gypsy camps in Italy. There have been several similar events at other sites during the last few years.

In 2008 there was a similar raid on a camp near Naples after a teenager claimed that gypsies had tried to steal her baby.

According to the latest government statistics there are thought to be around 160,000 gypsies living in hundreds of camps across Italy with the majority being under 14 years of age.

Many Italians blame them for rising crime rates and there have been attempts to clear illegal camps in Rome in an effort to get those that have no legal right to stay in the country to move on.

The Italian institutions are taking hundreds of Roma children away from their parents

The Euro MP Viktoria Mohacsi and EveryOne Group: “The Italian institutions are taking hundreds of Roma children away from their parents, who never hear from them again”.

On May 17th and 18th, 2008 the Hungarian Euro MP,  Viktoria Mohacsi, carried out an inspection of several Roma settlements in Italy, in Rome and Naples. In Naples she talked to some Roma families during the period of the pogroms, of the criminalization by the media, the racist patrols and the “zero tolerance” (in other words “zero rights”) being carried out by the police force. Mrs Mohacsi listened to accounts of a persecutory phenomenon being carried out against the Roma that EveryOne has been calling attention to for the last two years. In the space of a couple of years all trace has been lost of 12 Roma children taken from their parents by the Naples Juvenile Court”,  reports Viktoria Mohasci. “Some of these children were accused of begging, but their parents have heard nothing about their fate for the last two years”. During her meetings (as she testified before the EU assembly) the Euro MP was able to ascertain that there have been hundreds of similar cases in Italy.

EveryOne Group is able to confirm what Mrs Mohacsi says because we have listened to identical accounts in Milan, Rome, Florence and all over Italy. In some cases the social workers themselves were given “indefinite custody” of the children.

Deprived of their children, often in the space of a few hours after being arrested by the police on an excuse (and sometimes after being administered sleeping pills or sedatives) the mothers become incapable of opposing the measures being carried out by the social services and suffer such traumatic moral and psychological repercussions that they often attempt suicide.

In Rome, according to one witness, a young mother was killed when she threw herself in front of a car after being told her very small baby would not be returned to her. After having their babies taken from them (usually only a few months old, but also children of four, five and six) the Roma families suffer pressure and threats of all kinds to stop them protesting or seeking legal aid (which in Italy, is inadequate when it comes to defending Roma citizens). In many cases, after they have lost custody of their children, the parents have received a written warning or expulsion order. Showing great courage, the young Romania Roma, Ionit C., agreed to be interviewed by Roberto Malini, Dario Picciau and Matteo Pegoraro of EveryOne Group.

The birth certificate of the little Francesca Stefan Stefanuscu

Before our video camera he told the story of little Francesca Stefan Stefanuscu (his baby cousin) born in Pesaro on March 6th, 2008 who was torn away from her parents Lucretia Stanescu and Decian Stefan just a few hours after birth by the police and a social worker from Rimini.  EveryOne Group will hand over this video to the Euro MP Viktoria Mohasci in the next few days so she will have further proof of the institutional crimes that are taking place against the Roma people in Italy. Copies will be sent to the other Euro MPs. The video and report will also be presented to the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights, to the European Court of Human Rights and the major human rights organizations.  EveryOne Group has already started the procedure for little Francesca to be returned to her legitimate parents who were illegally expelled by the Italian authorities and who are at present living on French soil. It is essential that this individual case (which is symbolic of many such cases of abuse of authority being carried out throughout Italy) induces the international institutions to take up a firmer stance when it comes to resolutions and warnings, seeing the Italian authorities totally ignore them.

While we are working on this case and dozens of other serious cases of abuse, we have received news of the deaths of some very small infants following camp clearances and other violent acts being carried out towards children, women (some pregnant) and men of the Roma ethnic group – particularly Romanians.  Senator Borghezio of the Lega Nord Party comments gleefully on this unjust ethnic purge: “We are carrying out a nice clean-up of Padania”. The press and TV channels, who have now become mere instruments of propaganda, are not devoting any time or words to these crimes against humanity and are even carrying out total censorship of the news disclosed by our group which obtains much more space when it comes to other topics such as gay rights, capital punishment, inappropriate psychiatric treatment etc.

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    • Political Cynic

      I never cease to be amazed at how the media can portray things like this as something “other than” what, at it’s base, it is. It’s always “well, it happened” or “oh, it’s somehow racist” or at worst “oh, well, but this hurts real women who are victims”

      How about we call it like it is: We are a society that presumes men are guilty by reason of their gender. That presumption is sexist. And that presumption is called “misandry”. This has happened in many places all over the world (most recently in India) and to men of varying races-but in EVERY case…it’s about MEN being falsely accused. So Why are we so terrified of SAYING that?

      Who is bullying us into never admitting that? And do you have the guts to answer that question honestly? Or will you try to deflect and evade the obvious answer?

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  2. ROVER

    why is it that when a man is falsely accused of rape, the media keep quiet, no reporting of the abuse the falsely accused receive from the public after being named, no calls for prosecution of the accuser.

    yet when two roma men are falsely accused the media then focuses on the issue of ethinic minority and their mistreatment, never mind the fact they have been falsely accused, the media and the SJWs are up in uproar over it. The false accusation and the consequences is the story here( not the race).

  3. Fábio de Oliveira Ribeiro

    Fascism returned to its Italian birthplace.


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