Refugee Bus Tour 20.04 – 13.05.2015 from Oplatz Berlin
We want to talk about:
– The situation of refugees in your area.
– Your political strategies. What do you do?
– What has happened in your area over the last years?
– How is your connection to people inside/outside the Lagers?
– What are your major problems right now (personal/political)?
– How do politicians, news and neighbors react?
– Can we develop a common strategy against new asylum law restrictions, Lagers and deportation?
We want to know your answers and tell you about the last three years in Berlin.

The Schedule for the next days, you are invited to join:

Le programme pour les prochaines journees pour le tour de bus. Vous etes invitees a nous joindre:
Contact: / 015214451277

19.04. Hamburg
20.04. Rostock
21.04. Kiel
22.04. Bremen
23.04. Oldenburg
24.04. Hannover
25.04. Hannover
26.04. Osnabrück
27.04. Köln
28.04. Frankfurt
29.04. Hanau
30.04. Trier
01.05. Trier
02.05. Munich
03.05. Regensburg
04.05. Jena
05.05. Sachsen?
06.05. Sachsen?
07.05. Leipzig
08.05. Krumpa
09.05. Halle
10.05. Göttingen
11.05. Magdeburg
12.05. Potsdam
13.05. Berlin


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