Romani (Gypsy) women and children interned in the Rivesaltes transit camp. France, spring 1942.

Rivesaltes Concentration Camp, France l942

The 70th Anniversary Commemoration
of the Roma Genocide will take place at 12 noon on Sunday, 2 August in the Holocaust Memorial
Garden, Hyde Park, London, commencing at 12 noon.This yearly remembrance is widely held
throughout Europe and has been officially recognized by the Council of Europe as a mark
of respect for the huge numbers of Roma murdered during the Nazi New Order in Europe.

Like other Romani organizations, while recalling the final liquidation of the Zigeuner Lager at
Auschwitz, the Romano Ekipe and Roma Europe Network wish also to draw attention to the
growing racism and anti-Gypsy attacks now leading to more killings and expulsions of Roma in many countries.

If you are attending or want more information
contact dale.farm@btinternet.com

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