Stelios Kalamiotis, Chief of Roma CampRoma gypsies in the Greek capital of Athens have temporarily blocked the eviction and relocation order issued against their community by government, Press TV reports.

A group of the Roma set up road blocks on Tuesday for twelve hours, keeping police forces away, although their fate remains highly uncertain.

These young Roma , some of them underage, barricade themselves from midnight to midday behind roadblocks, protecting their slum compound from being demolished by bulldozers and the police.

The state wants to kick them out for illegal occupation of a land they have lived on for decades, despite Greek law granting ownership rights to anyone who repossesses it for longer than 20 years.

“After 43 years the government wants to knock down our camp. Fifty-four children go to school in this area. We all work nearby. They want to relocate to a remote mountain outside Athens where the nearest road is 15 kilometers far; there are no schools… or jobs nearby,” said Chief of the Roma Camp Stelios Kalamiotis.

This Roma community lives far below the poverty line and it is clearly evident, with broken water pipes flooding the pathways, among piling rubbish and pirating electricity.

For several months local authorities have refused to collect their waste.

Some 140,000 Greek Roma gypsies live in at least 200 make-shift compounds and so far the Greek government has received 12.5 million euros to help these people, but only 10,000 euros found their way to help improve their living conditions and rehabilitate the community.


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